Cloud Solutions

We believe in working with Cloud providers that have solutions for businesses like yours. Our multi-cloud approach will help ensure you get the best value for money and avoid vendor lock-in.

Office 365 Cloud Sync

Office 365

Upgrading to Microsoft Office 365 with an experienced partner like All 7 Tech has a number of advantages over doing it on your own, including:

  • Getting the optimal plan with net 30 billing and multi-year discounts (one size doesn’t fit all)
  • Experiencing the convenience and reliability of shared calendars with synchronized email between mobile and office devices on the same drive and login passwords synced for simplified management
  • Enjoying the peace of mind using email hosted in Canada with automatic security updates
  • Using the latest version of software with consolidated billing between clouds to avoid being Cloud or Vendor locked.

Cisco Webex Meetings Teams Calling

Cisco Collaboration Cloud

Webex Meetings and Webex Teams will help your business compete in today’s business world of continuous collaboration. With Webex & Cisco you will get the simplest experience and best value for money. Cisco is the vendor neutral cloud leader with bridges to Microsoft Office 365, Trello, Google G Suite, MS Teams, and Slack – giving you best value for money!

  • Webex Meetings – The new Webex Meetings simplifies your team collaboration for video and screen sharng
  • Webex Teams – Continuous collaboration including file sharing, white boarding, meetings, and calling all from a single app.
  • Webex Calling – Cloud phone system with flexibility to connect and call from anywhere. Connect offices together in one system. Video calls, meetings, and chats, all from one app.
  • Security – Cyber security and end to end encryption is built in to all Cisco Cloud products to give you peace of mind

More Value for Money

Our Cloud specialists would love to connect with you. We’re specialized in customizing the Cloud to meet the needs of businesses like yours.

Engage with our team to schedule a cloud discovery session. We will review your business challenges and make recommendations on the best pieces of the cloud that fit your business, giving you the most value for the money.