Green Migration

Making the world a little better

Preserve Envronment | Reduce Cost | Avoid Disruption | Maintain Security

What Is Green Migration?

Green Migration means you can utilize your existing analog, digital and IP phones plus existing wiring in your modernization to the Cloud or on specialized onsite appliances. Enhance features and functionality without interruption.

Besides taking away the sting of replacing an entire phone system, this also means less recycling of electronics and inevitably better for the environment.

Advance Seamlessly!

E-MetroTel has been seamlessly modernizing communications for customers across all market segments, including municipal and federal government, education, hotels, hospitals and retail, through green migration capabilities for over 15 years.

CS1000 Support – Migration Replacement

We have extensive experience helping customers migrate to a feature-rich, cost-effective solution with minimal disruption.

End-of-Sales for the last version (7.6) of Nortel/Avaya Communications Server 1000 (CS1000), Avaya announced it had extended support for selected earlier Nortel versions of CS1000.

Avaya announced the End of Sale date for Meridian systems back in 2010. CS1000 is not a fully supported product anymore. Avaya had announced Release 7.6 is the final feature release. (CS1000 ver. 7.6 End-of-Life Timeline)

Many Nortel Meridian 1 and Avaya CS1000 owners are extremely loyal to the platform and they aren’t ready to give them up. Also Avaya’s Loyalty2gether program does not provide comprehensive CS1000 upgrade path. Please contact us for more information.

Panasonic NS700-NS1000 Migration

How it Works

UCX Software and Galaxy Express with DSM16 Card.

It begins with our sophisticated UCX software that provides all of the features and signalling in our on-premise servers and cloud solution. Connectivity is achieved via our DSM16p card inside of our Galaxy Express gateway. The DSM16p Digital Line Card supports the Panasonic digital devices via standard AMPHENOL connections. This card also supports Nortel, Avaya, and other devices as well as Panasonic, regardless of how many buttons the phones have, how many headsets are in use, or the display size of each device.

Customer Benefits

Avoid disruption and re-training
Utilize existing devices
Avoid rewiring

Supported Devices


Meridian 1
BCM digital
IP devices


Numerous KX-DT
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1400 series





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